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The Return of the King Spud

The newly 3-D printed model of King Spud at University of Idaho's library in Moscow.

In the 1960’s and 70’s, Idaho State University and the University of Idaho played each other in basketball for the King Spud Trophy. The trophy consisted of a large, smiling potato, wearing a crown perched on a wooden pedestal. During this time, there was no more unique trophy in sports. But following the 1979 season, King Spud disappeared and hasn’t been seen since.

Last fall, in the weeks leading up to the ISU-UofI football game, UofI’s Library 3-D printed a replica of the long-lost trophy. KISU’s Maclane Westbrook took the opportunity to interview Casey Doyle and Jean-Marc Gauthier, two of the UofI professors who worked on the project, about the trophy, what it means to school history, and whether it could be brought back.

A communications student here at Idaho State University, Maclane has had a lifelong interest in radio. From listening to old time radio of decades past, to the modern commercial sports talk, country, or top 40 stations, the small town community stations, and now getting involved in public radio, Mac knows there's plenty to appreciate and learn about.