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Community Coalition, PODER, Aims to Bring Inflation Relief to Idaho Working Families

Boise, Idaho— The Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy in partnership with PODER of Idaho and a handful of community organizations have come together as the Elevate Idaho Families Coalition with the aim of creating state economic policy that reflects the needs of Idaho working families. Elevate Idaho Families is eyeing crafting a tax rebate proposal in the coming legislative session that reflects the needs of Idahoans, with a focus on the low to moderate income families hit hardest by inflation.

The coalition is asking for Idaho families to submit their story about how state tax rebates have helped their family.

“As a state we need to take an honest look at how we are responding to inflation among moderate and low income Idahoans who are the hardest hit. Previous research tells us that working families put extra dollars from tax credits and rebates toward household expenses, sending them right back into the local economy. By asking Idahoans how state tax rebates have impacted their families, we will be able to make recommendations on legislation,” says Alejandra Cerna Rios, director of Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy.

“As the holiday season approaches we recognize the joy and anticipation for many of those around us, but this excitement is not always the reality for everyone. For many families the increase in costs of living and inflation brings greater financial strain and increased worry. For many working families across the state it often is simply about survival,” says Estefania Mondragon, Executive Director of PODER of Idaho.

Both organizations are asking community members to submit their stories to the Elevate Idaho Families website - - or on posts in the social media accounts of Elevate Idaho Families. For questions or partnership inquiries, please contact us directly.
PODER of Idaho Executive Director

Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy

Alejandra Cerna Rios 312-363-8256

PODER of Idaho Estefania Mondragon 208-562-7948