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Idaho is planning transportation projects for the next seven years. You can weigh in.

The Idaho Department of Transportation is requesting public comment on its new seven-year plan. (Kelcie Moseley-Morris/Idaho Capital Sun)
Kelcie Moseley-Morris/Idaho Capital Sun)
The Idaho Department of Transportation is requesting public comment on its new seven-year plan. (Kelcie Moseley-Morris/Idaho Capital Sun)

Public can comment on Idaho’s long-term plan for infrastructure development, available online in a draft report and interactive map


Idaho Capital Sun - Original Story

Idahoans can weigh in on the state’s new plan to maintain and overhaul roads and other transportation infrastructure.

The Idaho Transportation Department is requesting public comment by the end of this month on its seven year draft Idaho Transportation Investment Program plan — which includes more than 1,000 projects that add up to $4.85 billion.

The plan details many projects to maintain roads, preserve and restore pavement, and enhance safety and improve areas. People can view projects near them by using the department’s online, interactive map. Planned projects span from expanding turn lanes on State Highway 53 near Rathdrum and replacing bridges on U.S. Highway 30, to fixing pavement on Interstate 15 between the Blackfoot and Rose Road interchanges.

How the public can weigh in

Public comments can be submitted by email to or by sending physical mail to the department at the following address:

Idaho Transportation Department ITIP Comments

Office of Communication

P.O. Box 7129

Boise, ID 83707-1129

“Transportation is something that affects everyone’s daily life. So it’s very important for us to hear from the communities that we’re working in and that we live in as well, to make sure our decision makers, our board members, can get an idea of how the public is feeling,” said Angie Heuring, senior public information officer with the Idaho transportation Department.

The Idaho Transportation Board will be sent copies of all public comments as it evaluates the plan later in September. Then, once it clears that board, the plan will head to review by federal regulators, putting it on track for approval by the end of 2023. If approved, the plan would guide state transportation infrastructure development for the next seven years.

But Heuring said people are still encouraged to submit public comment after the end of this month to the same email.

“We take feedback all year round, but the public comment period is when (it’s) really important to us because that’s when public comments are reviewed and implemented while that project is a draft,” Heuring said in an interview.

Comments are also collected and distributed to the department’s regional planning divisions.

Many of the projects are already funded, but some will involve calls for additional funds, Heuring noted. Viewers can tell whether a project is funded in the interactive map.