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Celebrating LGBTQ Jazz Musicians on DCiJ this Saturday Night on KISU-FM


Don't call it Jazz (DCiJ) airs on the first and final Saturday of each month on KISU-FM and is hosted by Jon Armstrong. Don't miss upcoming programs on June 27th and July 4th on KISU-FM.

Next braodcast - June 27th, 2020 at 7:00 pm

Show title: Celebrating LGBTQ Jazz Musicians 

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June 27th DCiJ show notes from our host, Jon Armstrong:

Like some areas of the world, the jazz scene has been historically slow to shed our ignorant anti-LGBTQ prejudice. This has damaged the lives of countless musicians, and hampered their promising careers throughout history. How many transcendent artists were kept silent from everyone’s ears by hatred, fear, or ignorance of our Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Trans, and Queer musical family? How many life changing albums, songs, solos, and voices did we lose?

Saturday's show is to celebrate the art and brilliance of LGBTQ jazz musicians, and many of the recordings I will be playing are from current artists. There are two big reasons for focusing on contemporary musicians: 1. As stated, so much of jazz’s history is steeped in darkness and ignorance, so many of our forebearers who were homosexual, bi-sexual, queer, non-binary or trans were afriad to be so publically. And 2. I want to shine a light on all of the amazing artists from the LGBTQ community that are shaping the modern jazz scene, and pushing it forward into an exciting direction. So many of the musicians you will hear this hour are the vanguards of our time, and I am so thankful for their artistry both as a fan of jazz music and as a proud and inspired professional colleague. The modern jazz scene is so much more dynamic, diverse, and artistically rich with the inclusion of this historically marginalized community.

With tonight’s show, I hope to introduce your ears to many incredible musicians from our past and present. I also want to dedicate this show to all of my LGBTQ+ students whom I have taught in Los Angeles and here at ISU. I am so excited to see all of you enter the world of music to help transform it into a more equitable and powerful one.

Fred Hersch -
Jennifer Leitham -

Dorian Wood -

Joshua White -

Eli Maliwan -

Tiptons Sax Quartet -

Barbara Laronga -

The Westerlies -

Naomi Moon Siegel -

Jamon Anderson has served with KISU FM since 2003 in many capacities including show-host, newscaster, announcer, board operator, production specialist, engineering assistant, automation specialist, and program director. He was hired as KISU's General Manager and Program Director in 2019.