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Don't Call it Jazz presents South African Jazz


Checking out South African Jazz artists from back in the day to present day. South Africa has always had a deep connection to jazz music, producing some incredible musicians from the 60s and 70s. In recent years, South Africa has had a resurgence of young, ferociously creative artists who are making some of the most unique and powerful jazz music today. Come check out a scene you may not know much about!

Here is the playlist of today's show:

1. Abdulla Ibrahim

“African Marketplace” - 5:25

Cape Town Flowers (1997)

2. Bokani Dyer Trio [Bah-Kani Die-r]

“Fezile” - 5:50

Neo Native (2018)

3. Hugh Maskella

“Grazing in the Grass” - 2:37

The Promise of a Future (1968)

4. Benjamin Jephta Quintet [Jeff-ta]

“Evolution Pt. 2” - 3:29

(2017) single

5. Mabuta

“Beneath The Waves” - 5:06

Welcome to this World (2017)

6. Siya Makuzeni [C-ya Maku-zay-nee]

“Moya Oyingcwele” - 10:13 [Moya O-ying-c-wele]

Out of This World (2016)

7. Vuma Levin [Voo-mah Lah-Veen]

“Hashtag” - 2:01

Life and Death on the Other Side of the Dream (2017)

8. Mandisi Dyantyis [Man-dee-cee Dee-yan-teece]

“Kuse Kude” - 4:29

Somandla (2018)

9. Yonela Mnana [Yo-nah-lah Mn-na-na

“Leagan” - 1:52

Baba (2016)

10. Linda Sikhakhane [Sick-ha-conn-e]

“Codes of Light” - 8:31

An Open Dialogue (2020)

11. Miram Makeba [ma-key-bah]

“Pata Pata” - 3:00

Pata Pata (1967)

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