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Don't Call it Jazz, Ron Miles


Don't Call is Jazz will be dedicating the March 26th episode entirely to the life and career of Ron Miles, a brilliant jazz musician who tragically passed on March 8th earlier this year. He died from a rare blood disease, and was only 58 years old.

Ron wasn't a well known artist, but he was among the most revered and beautiful creative jazz musicians of the era. Musicians in the know gravitated to his wonderful trumpet sound, his brilliant compositions, and his warm and supportive playing.

We'll be taking a small dive into his recorded music archive, and paying tribute to such a dynamic and important artist. Ron's passing leaves a massive hole in the jazz community.


1. "Queen of the South" - Rainbow Sign

2. "Jive Five" - Circuit Rider

3. "TGO" - Get Home

4. "New Year" - Still Dreaming

5. "I Am a Man" - I Am a Man

6. "The Flesh is Weak" - Circuit Rider

7. "A Kind Word" - Rainbow Sign

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