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  • There are many pathways a person can take in choosing their career. Have you ever thought about how many people have degrees they aren't using? Chris Nicolette thought he wanted to be a pharmacist but along the way realized how much he loved the science of studying drug interactions in the human body. Now, he's working to earn a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences at ISU, and looking forward to a promising future in the world of pharmacology and drug discovery.
  • In this electrifying episode, we are thrilled to have Kim Anami join us, ready to ignite a fire of passion in every aspect of your life, both within and outside the bedroom. As a holistic sex and relationship coach, prolific writer, and captivating speaker, Kim Anami's expertise is a blend of over two decades of Tantra, Taoism, Transpersonal psychology, philosophy, and quantum growth practices. Her transformative methods catapult her clients into realms of heightened connection, intimacy, energy, and creativity. With features in distinguished publications such as Playboy, Elle, and GQ, Kim's insights have captivated audiences worldwide. She's a globe-trotting force, dividing her time between Bali, Los Angeles, and various sunny shores, all while sharing her unique experiences on social media. Get ready for a conversation that will challenge norms and spark inspiration. You can follow her at: or sign up for her Sexual Mastery course for men at: