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  • Treefort is all about music; and it showcases some of Idaho’s best musicians. This March, Leif and Peter chatted with several performers, promoters, and attendees at the annual Treefort Music Festival in Boise.
  • Fawn Liebengood is a marine conservationist, entrepreneur, and activist specializing in marine debris prevention and removal. She earned her MBA in Nonprofit Management and MAS in Biodiversity and Conservation from Scripps Institution of Oceanography. After co-founding 808 Cleanups, Fawn moved on to found her recent venture Blue Ocean Warriors as a culmination of her MAS Capstone Research. Blue Ocean Warriors’ mission is to enrich military, veteran, and civilian lives through community-based marine debris cleanups while empowering volunteers in the fight to eradicate marine plastic pollution.Fawn explains how she developed the concept of combining marine debris cleanups and addressing mental health concerns among our military community today. Fawn and Dan discuss some of the leading points surrounding increased suicide and self-destructive behaviors, the concept of “Blue Mind”, and providing solutions within organizations such as Blue Ocean Warriors, which will be the first military-centered environmental nonprofit corporation of its kind. Listen to Fawn and Dan as they share examples of successfully overcoming feelings of loneliness, isolation, depression, anxiety, deployment stress, and fear of the unknown, through recreational therapy and near peer support.
  • Grab your peanuts and your Cracker Jacks, the theme today is baseball, with some vintage baseball themed music, and the legendary Abbott and Costello episode... and an attempt to wrangle the Yesterday Today crew into joining a community ball team.
  • On July 15 and 16, solar cars participating in the American Solar Challenge 2022 on the Oregon National Historic Trail will be coming to Historic Downtown Pocatello. The solar cars are expected to arrive on Friday, July 15 between 1:15pm-6:00pm. On Saturday, July 16, the solar cars will start the final stage of the event beginning at 9:00am.
  • The goal of the show today is to kick back and take things easy with some music and an episode of Stan Freberg, but Jake's running late and Sydney's heart is set on a stirring performance.
  • In this episode, Nate Crystal, owner of Crystal Cabinets discusses with Dan his struggle with clinical depression, feelings of inferiority, trauma, self destruction, suicide attempts and isolation due to social idealism. Nate's personal understanding of social standards, like many of us, caused him to suppress his emotions in an attempt to fit in and alter his behavior to gain acceptance in his community. Nate's upbringing included religion in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, commonly called the "Mormon Church” with the military influence of his father who is a Veteran of the National Guard. Hear how he was able to confront his depression and learn to love himself. Nate shares his view of spirituality, personal growth and hope; where there is a choice, there is a way. His reliance on himself, his family, medical intervention and homeopathic Ketamine therapy helped him discover his full potential.
  • Pharmacy is a growing field, especially for pharmacy technicians. Many pharmacists are also getting sign-on bonuses or other hiring incentives to work in the field. Plus, Idaho is one of the few states where pharmacists are able to diagnose and prescribe medications for things like strep throat or influenza, right there in the pharmacy. Rikki Trussel, College of Pharmacy Class of 2012, and new manager at Bengal Pharmacy in Pocatello says Idaho State University’s work with rural medicine and advancing the practice of pharmacy has always interested and excited her. She discusses the vision for Bengal Pharmacy not just in Pocatello, but at the two telepharmacy location sites in Arco and Challis, ID as well.
  • Join Henry Evans this week, as he gives an education on Black Uhuru and how the band and music have changed over time to stay a successful and popular band for so long.
  • This week as a continuation of our collaboration with Idaho National Laboratory or INL we interviewed Jhansi Kandasamy.
  • In honor of the Fourth of July weekend, we salute our country with some patriotic songs and an episode of Father Knows Best, while behind the scenes our producer has some ideas for reworking the show.
  • For the June 2022 episode of Bengal Business Radio our host, Dean Shane Hunt, welcomes ISU Alumni, Gary and Susan Campbell. Gary & Susan talk about their time, and journey through the ISU College of Business and how it helped prepare them for their respective careers. In the second half of the program Dr. Greg Murphy tells us about his path to becoming a professor of management at Idaho State University and entrepreneurship education.
  • This week on Sustainable Idaho we are continuing our series on Local and Sustainable businesses and concluding our mini-series with Lane Daley, a Senior Bakery Sustainability Project manager for Clif Bar about the company.