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Aid For Friends Homeless Encampment

$17,000 is the goal for the Aid For Friends (AFF) 17th annual Encampment fundraising and awareness building event. AFF employee, Jessica Buckley, and AFF board member, Don Witbeck, met with McKenzie to talk about this unique event that asks participants to collect pledges from individuals and businesses, then spend the night in a cardboard box at Caldwell Park in Pocatello.

Encampment is taking place at Caldwell Park on December 2 and 3 to raise donations for the local homeless shelter and gain community involvement towards the communities homelessness issue. This extended interview sheds light on how the fundraiser works and what particpants can expect. The conversation also gives appeciation to local business, churches and organiztions that allow this event to take place and run smoothly.

A canned food drive at the park on Saturday from 10 AM - 4 PM.  AFF is looking for more people who are interested in being a part of this unique experience. It is a great activity for individuals and families, as well as small groups and organizations, especially ISU clubs and teams. It is not a requirement to sleep in the park in order to particpate.  Community members are invited to stop by the park, pick up some refreshments in the canteen, meet friends and neighbors and enjoy the performance by the Gate City Singers performing inside the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Caldwell Building. 

For a schedule of the event and more information about the how to participate, contact Aid For Friends by calling (208) 232-0178, visit, or drop by the office at 214 E. Center Street, Suite 50. The goal this year is to raise $17,000 for the 17th Encampment, and donations can be made by sponsoring campers or by donating directly to the cause at AFF's office or at the event.     

McKenzie began working at the station in 2003 while moseying her way through her undergraduate degree in Communication and Rhetorical studies [2012]. Her outgoing personality and involvement in various activities makes for a perfect fit to promote campus and community organizations and events*.