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Reed's Gym Pool Prepares to Reopen Following Spring Renovations

Idaho State University

As many know, the Reed Gym Pool was closed in July of 2021, and now, experts on campus tell us it may be up and running again sooner than expected.

It’s the #1 asked question called into the President’s Office: What happened to the pool?

After its closure in 2021, the pool has neither reopened nor seen any renovations. Karen
Homstad, Associate Director of Campus Recreation at ISU says we’re lucky it lasted the
70 years it did without any remodels, as pools like these usually have a 50-year lifespan.

So, why did the pool close in the first place? Chris Baker, Assistant Director for Capital
Projects, stated, “The pool closed due to major leaks from cracks in the pool plaster that are beyond repair. When it failed and the major leak was discovered, the pool lost an estimated 8,000 gallons of water that night.”

After more structural problems were found, it was determined a full remodel and
replacement of all the moving parts was to be done.

The Pocatello Recreation Center pool immediately felt the pressure of the closing. The
memberships saw an increase, and they were forced to accommodate for some of the
frequent users of Reed’s Gym. The Rec Center has taken over hosting the high school
swimming as well as law enforcement training, among other groups.

Because the pool is state-funded, not ISU-funded, it has taken years to get the money for this major renovation. Baker ensured that not only will all piping and chemical
processes be replaced and modernized, but the floor will be retiled and the pool will
undergo a complete refresh.

With construction set to begin this spring, students and the community of Pocatello will be able to swim in the Reed Gym Pool again in the Spring of 2025.

I'm Hadley, a freshman student in Communications in Multiplatform Journalism at ISU. I am the Sports Editor for The Bengal Newspaper on campus, and love reporting both sports and student life stories. In addition to radio broadcasts, you might hear me on the upcoming Bengal Podcast with my fellow journalists at The Bengal!