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ISU Honors Program Prepares to Host Opportuni-TEA Event: Details with Honors Director Dr. Kobs Nawotniak

The Honors Program at ISU is the biggest program on campus, with one hundred new students joining every year. To support the large number of students, the program hosts its annual Opportuni-TEA fundraising event. Honors Director Dr. Shannon Kobs Nawotniak let us in on all the event details.

A new venue, an upcoming new director, and more are in store for the ISU Honors Program. I sat down with current Honors Program Director Dr. Shannon Kobs Nawotniak and upcoming new director Dr. Sarah Robey, who told me about the importance of honors programs and why people should go show their support at the Opportuni-TEA Fundraiser next month.

I'm Hadley, a freshman student in Communications in Multiplatform Journalism at ISU. I am the Sports Editor for The Bengal Newspaper on campus, and love reporting both sports and student life stories. In addition to radio broadcasts, you might hear me on the upcoming Bengal Podcast with my fellow journalists at The Bengal!