• I have been in the broadcasting biz for almost 20 years, most of which was spent being a DJ and production director for a local classic rock station (KMGI-FM), and programming sports radio and ISU Football and Men's Basketball (KSEI-AM); the...

  • Student Media Development & Sales Coordinator

    Dave started at KISU-FM 91 in October 2009 taking over  underwriting sales after being in commercial radio for over 23 years with East Idaho stations KSEI and KMGI radio.

    In addition to being the Sales Coordinator for KISU FM 91, Dave is...

  • Program Director - Announcer

    Jamon Anderson has been at KISU Fm 91 for over 13 years. His familiar voice is a distinctly calm and professional one, and gives KSIU FM 91 its voice. Having been in most capacities at the KISU FM 91 including host, announcer, board operator,...

  • General Manager

    Jerry has been the General Manager of KISU FM 91 radio since 1999. A native of southeast Idaho, he started in public radio as an intern to Bruce Christensen at BYU. Christensen later went on to become the President and CEO of the PBS (Public...

  • Host of ASISU Speaks

    Krystoff Kissoon began his academic career at Idaho State University in Spring 2014. He is an
    international student from Trinidad & Tobago, a twin-isle state in the Southern Caribbean. He
    graduated in May 2017 with a Bachelor...

  • Linda Larsen is new to KISU FM 91, but comes  with a lot of experience in broadcasting. We  welcome her to the station!

  • Public Service Director - Announcer

    Announcer & Board Operator
    Public Service Director for KISU FM 91

    McKenzie is an Idaho native. She is our Public Service Director at KISU FM 91. Her email is:

  • Public File Coordinator

    Tami Comstock

    KISU FM 91 Public File Coordinator,
    Host of "The Sounds of ISU"

    Tami is KISU FM 91's Arts Specialist. Her passion for performances allows KISU FM 91 to bring you the best...

  • Station Engineer - Web Site Admin

    Tori is the radio station engineer for KISU FM 91 and is's webmaster.

    Tori started in broadcasting in high school producing a TV Show that aired weekly on a public access station. He has been a DJ and producing sound...