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Dave Molitor

Student Media Development & Sales Coordinator

Dave started at KISU-FM 91 in October 2009 taking over  underwriting sales after being in commercial radio for over 23 years with East Idaho stations KSEI and KMGI radio.

In addition to being the Sales Coordinator for KISU FM 91, Dave is responsible for handling day to day log operations; monitoring of critical on-air automation and EAS equipment; fundraising development; coordinating with ASISU Student Union staff on station operations, assisting in web site updates for; working with the sales staff of The Bengal Newspaper; plus monitoring and logging of all federal EAS alerts. His attention to detail allow him to accomplish much and keep the rest of the staff on their toes.

Dave is an accomplished golfer who at one time was ISU's Golf coach

Contact Information:
Dave Molitor
Student Media Development and Sales Coordinator