Jamon Anderson

Program Director - Announcer

Jamon Anderson has served with KISU FM for over 15 years in many capacities including show-host, newscaster, announcer, board operator, production specialist, engineering assistant, automation and programs manager. He is currently our Program Director and Interim General Manager.
Adept at giving interviews and offsite shows such as City Club He is the go to guy for all things KISU FM 91.

With his passion for live music, public radio and KISU-FM, Jamon welcomes your comments, questions,  and conversations about all-things KISU. 

Contact Jamon by phone or email, (208) 282-2688 or andejamo@isu.edu.

Ways to Connect

  New radio show highlights the best of the College


Contact: Shane Hunt

Phone: (208) 282-2601

Email:  shanehunt@isu.edu

Written By: Charlotte McBride, Marketing Intern


POCATELLO – Shane Hunt, the dean of Idaho State University College of Business, will host a new radio segment on KISU-FM highlighting College of Business alumni and faculty starting in September. 

Have you ever heard the term, farm to table? It’s often used to describe relationships between localfarmers and restaurants that exclusively serve cuisine prepared from local farmers. Julie Raymond speaks with local farmers in this episode of Sustainable Idaho.

Chris Brown, our host, and Kayti Didrickson, En-ROADS ambassador, discuss this simulator and how different policies result in different future global temperature outcomes over the next 80-100 years. Learn how to use this tool in your classroom. Try out the simulator for yourself:  https://en-roads.climateinteractive.org/scenario.html?v=2.7.19

In this July 4th edition of Don't Call it Jazz we check out recordings that explore the United States of America for our nation’s Independence Day from a jazz musician’s point of view.

Sustainable Idaho - Why a Radio Show about Idaho and Sustainability? In this segment we introduce our extraordinary show hosts,  Julie Raymond and Chris Brown, as well as  the work of Sustainable Idaho's sponsors.  Mike Engle, chair of the Portneuf Resource Council, discusses their recent energy and water campaigns.  Dr. Katrina Running discusses the ISU Sustainability Club's history and opportunities for student involvement.