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Mark S. Young

Host of Idaho Found

Mark S. Young is a native of Idaho, a graduate of Idaho State University, a community organizer, and a financial professional. For over 30 years, Mark has supported economic development on both local and state levels. Recently he completed his term as a member of the Idaho Department of Commerce Economic Advisory Council. He is currently a board member/past president of The City Club of Idaho Falls and a past president of the Idaho Falls Rotary and Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce. Mark played a vital role in the development of the Idaho State University and University of Idaho Higher Education Center (University Place) in Idaho Falls. Additionally, Mark served for six years as a lay member of the Idaho State Bar Association’s Professional Conduct Board. He has two sons, both veterans who served in Iraq: Steven is a general contractor in Montana, and Adam is involved in security at the Idaho National Laboratory.

  • John Radford is working to meaningfully address poverty and the housing crisis in eastern Idaho. He is currently the CEO of Eastern Idaho Community Action Partnership, a member of the Idaho Falls City Council, and a member of the Idaho Economic Advisory Council. In addition to discussing the housing crisis, John also shares his thoughts on potential poverty interventions such as encouraging programs that aid in the creation of social capital and supporting early education.
  • What happens when an Idaho veterinarian enlists in the military to serve combat missions around the world? Get your passport ready as this journey takes you from Idaho to Bosnia to Afghanistan to the Philippines, to Africa, and back to Idaho again. Enjoy our conversation with Dr. Bruce Lancaster, DMV as he shares his life and lessons learned.
  • Today we speak to an incredible mentor for any young Idahoan hoping to one day enter the film industry, Paul Jenkins. Paul has dedicated his life to enriching the lives of others. For over 20 years, he has served as the engine to power the Idaho Teen Film Festival. Let Paul’s story inspire you- one person can make a difference.
  • Catherine Smith’s love for Idaho Falls is generations deep! She had the honor of overseeing the revitalization of some of the very buildings her grandfather built while serving as the Executive Director for the Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation. Today, Catherine is sharing her talents as the Economic Development Administrator for the City of Idaho Falls.
  • Dr. Karen Leibert is an expert in Russian History, and her knowledge of this subject has provided valuable insight for our South East Idaho community as Russia continues its war with Ukraine. Join us for a conversation with Dr. Leibert, and be greatly rewarded by her treasure of knowledge about the Russia of yesterday, how the world is responding to Russia today, and what we may expect from Greater Russia in the future.
  • For the past many years Idaho has experienced a housing crisis. As housing costs continue to climb, we are fortunate to have a leader in affordable housing looking for solutions to meet this challenge for the citizens of the greater Idaho Falls area and beyond. Learn about Habitat for Humanity, the volunteers, the homeowners, and the vision for Peterson Place.
  • The business of hair helped Cher Stone to finance her true passion, social justice. Cher shares her experiences in the work of social justice, her path to become a Spiritual Director, and the work of a Spiritual Director.
  • This week on Idaho Found, we host Jim Beck, President of the Actors’ Repertory Theatre of Idaho (ARTI), a Viet Nam veteran and a retired project manager at the Idaho National Laboratory.
  • In this episode, we are speaking with Sheriff Sam Hulse. We discuss some of the law enforcement activities conducted by the sheriff’s office, including the collaboration required to successfully manage the Bonneville County Search and Rescue team, school safety, drugs, mental illness, and cyber security. We end our conversation on a hopeful note for teens in crisis. Sheriff Hulse announced Idaho’s first youth crisis center is now operational in Idaho Falls.
  • Dr. David Pennock serves as the Executive Director of the Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park. Our conversation today discusses Pennock's journey from academia to the Museum of Idaho to the Idaho Falls Zoo. David shares with us how he is using his past experiences to design an interactive classroom, and his plans to introduce the work being done at the Idaho Falls Zoo to a wider audience both regionally and internationally. In this conversation, we take a deep dive as Dr. Pennock explores his optimism for our future, conservation, and our ability to work together for the betterment of our world.