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McKenzie Young

Public Service Director * - Announcer

   McKenzie began working at the station in 2003 while moseying her way through her undergraduate degree in Communication and Rhetorical studies [2012].  Her outgoing personality and involvement in various activities makes for a perfect fit to promote campus and community organizations and events*. 

*  At KISU we understand the importance of community and are pleased that you and/or your organization have called upon us to help promote your event and/or advocate for your cause. In order to work most efficiently in getting announcements on air, please provide the following information, preferably two weeks in advance, to Also, please understand we only have twenty to thirty seconds time slots for announcements.
- Who is putting on the event (Organizations Name)?
- What is happening at the event (Dinner, Music, or Presentation)?
- Where is the event taking place (location and address)?
- When is the event (Date and Time)?
- Why is it happening?
- How would a person get more information (phone #, website, email, social media outlet)?