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Bengal Tales: 2024 Idaho State University Outstanding Student Awards


Ryan Sargent visits with three of this year's ISU Outstanding Student Award winners, Juliette Bedard, Andrew Sagendorf, and Emma Watts. Twelve 2024 OSA award recipients will be celebrated at the ICCU Bengal Alumni Center on Thursday, February 8. Read-on for a full list of this year's award recipients and additional details about the awards ceremony.

The formal awards celebration will take place at the ICCU Bengal Alumni Center on Thursday, Feb. 8 from 6-8 PM. Registration is required.


2024 OSA Recipients

College of Arts and Letters:

  • Fine Arts: Miren Gabiola
  • Social Sciences: Emma Watts

College of Business: Nicolette Scarduzio
College of Education: Andrew Sagendorf

College of Health:

  • Undergraduate Student: Marah Rose Pauroso
  • Graduate Student: Juanita del Pilar Triana Melo

College of Pharmacy: Caleb Quates
College of Science and Engineering:

  • Natural Sciences: Alyssa DeeAnne Farnes
  • Physical, Computational, and Engineering Sciences: Andrew J Anderson

College of Technology: Soren Alton Ochsner
Graduate School:

  • Masters Candidate:  Juliette Bedard
  • Doctoral Candidate:  Aimee Lynn Bozeman

Learn more about the 2024 Outstanding Student Achievement Award recipients below.

Miren Gabiola ‘24

B.A., B.M.E in Music Education and Vocal Performance 

Miren Gabiola, a senior at Idaho State University, is pursuing degrees in Music Education and Vocal Performance. Along with performing in numerous productions with the ISU opera workshop program, the Sun Valley Music Festival, and ISU Summer Theater, Miren recently showcased her talent as La Feé in the 2023 production of Massenet’s opera, Cendrillon. She was selected as a Finalist for the NATS National Competition and achieved second place in the Upper Treble Classical category. Miren will graduate in Spring 2024 and is currently completing her student teaching. She plans to also audition for graduate programs in vocal performance.

Emma Watts ‘24

B.A. in Political Science; B.S. in Economics; B.B.A. in Marketing

Emma, a first-generation honors student majoring in Political Science, Economics and Marketing, currently serves as the Student Body President at ASISU. With a strong background in student government, Emma is dedicated to civic engagement and public service. Her recent initiatives focus on improving student wages, equitable textbook access, a student engagement app and financial accessibility for clubs. Emma is a passionate advocate for sustainability and co-authored a COVID-19 mental health guidebook, 'Mind Matters,' during her freshman year. Post-graduation, she aspires to work in policy development and become Idaho's first female Senator. She enjoys photography, outdoor exploration and table tennis in her free time.

Nicolette Scarduzio ‘24

B.B.A. Finance and Marketing with certificates in Final Literacy and Professional Sales

Nicolette is a Bachelor of Business Administration student with a 3.90 GPA. She excels not only academically but also as a leader in Bengal athletics, particularly as a member of the ISU women’s soccer team. Her commitment extends to community service through the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, demonstrating her advocacy for the well-being of fellow student-athletes. With valuable financial management experience gained as a Finance CPI in the Athletics Department, Nicolette is poised to pursue an MBA at the University of Rhode Island while continuing her soccer journey after graduating in three years from ISU.

Andrew Sagendorf ‘24

B.S. Sport and Exercise Science

Andrew is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science at Idaho State University. He is graduating in Spring 2024 with a GPA of 3.99. His commitment to health care is evident through his role as a Medical Assistant at Physicians Immediate Care, where he honed valuable patient care skills. Currently serving as an MCAT Mentor at Altius Test Prep and a Career Pathway Intern at ISU, Andrew is actively involved in advancing medical knowledge. Fluent in Swedish, he also brings a global perspective to his endeavors. Andrew is a dedicated, academically accomplished and well-rounded individual with a passion for health care, research and community service.

Marah Rose Pauroso ‘24

B.S. Dental Hygiene 

Marah, a senior in Idaho State University's dental hygiene program, has immersed herself in community service, providing oral health education and services to various groups. As president of ISU's Student American Dental Hygienists Association, she spearheaded community outreach efforts, including 'Recovery Fest' and support for the Homeless Stand Down. Marah's dedication extends to national platforms, where she presented at the American Dental Hygienist Association 2023 Conference in Chicago.

Juanita Triana Melo ‘24

Master of Public Health

Juanita, a distinguished medical doctor, graduated in 2019 from Bogota D.C., Colombia, showcasing her commitment to excellence. Serving as a rural doctor at ESE Hospital el Dorado, Meta, Colombia, from 2020 to 2021, she delivered primary healthcare, emphasizing rapid assessments, even during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Juanita's dedication extends to scholarly contributions, marked by her early authorship in 2018 and her current work as a Career Path Intern at Idaho State University, focusing on the resettlement experiences of Congolese and Sudanese refugees in rural Idaho. She embodies a multifaceted professional with a strong medical foundation, commitment to community service and a passion for advancing medical knowledge.

Juanita Triano
John Roark/Idaho State University
Juanita Triano

Caleb Quates ‘24

Doctor of Pharmacy

Caleb, a Doctor of Pharmacy graduate from Idaho State University in Meridian, has excelled academically, received multiple scholarships, and actively contributed to student and professional organizations, including Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity and Rho Chi Pharmaceutical Honor Society. In various leadership roles, such as Class President and Chapter Treasurer, he has showcased his commitment to student engagement and organizational excellence. Caleb's impactful community outreach and health services initiatives stand out as his most memorable accomplishments, and he looks forward to specializing as a critical care pharmacist post-graduation while enjoying leisure activities like skiing and woodworking.

Alyssa DeeAnne Farnes ‘24

Honors B.S. Earth and Environmental Systems

Alyssa, graduating with an Honors degree in Earth and Environmental Systems, actively contributes to the University Honors Program and serves as Geoclub President, having received the 2023 Benny Award for Student Organization of the Year. Her career preparation includes collaborating with the ISU Geographic Information Systems Center, Boise State Energy Policy Institute and the Idaho National Laboratory's Center for Advanced Energy Studies to research vulnerabilities in the US power grid due to wildfires, resulting in a peer-reviewed report published in the "Fire" journal. Alyssa's Honors Senior Thesis, "The Power Grid/Wildfire Nexus," showcases her dedication to utilizing GIS and satellite remote sensing to identify vulnerabilities in the power grid.

Andrew J Anderson ‘23

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Andrew graduated from Idaho State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in mathematics, achieving a GPA of 3.89. During his internship at Janicki Industries in Layton, Utah, he played a key role in supporting the machine production floor and demonstrated proficiency in CADD design using Dassault Systemes Solidworks as a Career Path Intern at ISU's Engineering Research Center. Andrew’s exceptional leadership skills were evident as the elected President of the Idaho State University Space Initiative, guiding the rocket team to a successful launch at the Spaceport America Cup 2022.

Soren Alton Ochsner ’24

A.A.S, Diesel Technology

Soren, a U.S. Marine Corps graduate, is set to receive his Associate in Applied Science with an Advanced Technical Certificate in Diesel Technology this spring. His military service included achieving the esteemed title of Howitzer Section Chief, showcasing his leadership and responsibility in overseeing equipment worth $2.4 million. Transitioning to civilian life, Soren excelled as a field service diesel technician at Modern Machinery, where he is employed full time, showcasing his expertise in diverse diesel technologies.

Juliette R. Bedard ‘24

M.S. Anthropology

Juliette, pursuing a Master of Science in Anthropology at Idaho State University, is a distinguished scholar with a background in biocultural anthropology and forensic anthropology. Her commitment to ethical research practices is evident in her exploration of critical anthropological inquiries surrounding Indigeneity and human rights. As an Instructor of Record, she fosters academic growth, while her active involvement in professional organizations and community engagement showcases her dedication to advancing anthropology and forensic sciences.

Aimee Lynn Bozeman ‘24

Ph.D. Experimental Psychology

Aimee, originally from rural Georgia, developed a profound interest in neural injury and behavior due to her grandfather's traumatic brain injury. Pursuing an MS/PhD in Experimental Psychology at Idaho State University, she delved into various research projects related to spinal cord injury, tendon mechanics and coordination during treadmill stepping. Aimee's journey led her to The Ohio State University Spinal Cord Injury Training Program, and she is set to graduate in Spring 2024, embarking on a postdoctoral researcher position at The University of Michigan Medical School to study the opioid and serotonin systems' influence on respiratory circuitry.

Outstanding Student Achievement AwardsMAKE A NOMINATION

Key Details:

  • Nomination Deadline: Friday, November 4 (For full consideration)
  • Awards Ceremony: Thursday, February 8

Criteria for Nomination:
We are seeking nominees who have excelled academically, demonstrated outstanding career-related experiences and made significant contributions through their involvement in extracurricular activities.

Awards by College:

These prestigious awards will be distributed across our colleges, each recognizing outstanding achievement in various fields:

  • College of Arts & Letters: 2 honorees (Fine Arts and Social Sciences)
  • College of Business: 1 honoree
  • College of Education: 1 honoree
  • College of Health: 2 honorees (Undergraduate and Professional Degree)
  • College of Pharmacy: 1 honoree
  • College of Science & Engineering: 2 honorees (Natural Sciences and Physical and Engineering Sciences)
  • College of Technology: 1 honoree
  • Graduate School: 2 honorees (Master's Candidate and Doctoral Candidate)

Submit Your Nominations:
To nominate a deserving student, please complete the online nomination form. Your contributions to this process are invaluable in recognizing the outstanding achievements of our students.

Let's come together to celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of our graduating Bengals. Make your nominations by Friday, November 4, to ensure full consideration.

For any inquiries or further information, please reach out to Alumni Office at or (208) 282-3755.