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Crucial Riddims
Thursdays @ 8 PM

Many people have asked me, why reggae? What is it about the music that you find so compelling and how did someone from a small town in Idaho become so attached to it? My answer? Reggae is a collective experience, communal music that engages the heart, mind, and body. It is protest music, dance music, and spiritual music. It is reflective and forward-looking, It is serious and sometimes farcical and in that way, it is unifying. As the great Bob Marley put it, Reggae is music that I and I create, not me and you “I and I”. This simple quote from Bob Marley captures what I feel is the essence of reggae music. In that vein, I invite you to lend an ear to Crucial Riddims where you and I can move toward becoming I and I.

One Love

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