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One person can make a difference - Idaho Found Welcomes Cher Stone

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The business of hair helped Cher Stone to finance her true passion, social justice. Cher shares her experiences in the work of social justice, her path to become a Spiritual Director, and the work of a Spiritual Director.

For 45 years the business of hair helped Cher Stone to finance her true passion, social justice. In the early 80s she became the “junior helper” and helped to open what was referred to as the sandwich kitchen at St. Mark’s Church on Boulevard In Idaho Falls. Over 40 years later Cher and the Idaho Falls Soup Kitchen are still serving our community.

In 2013 she melded her passion for spirituality and listening to people by offering Spiritual Direction.

She graduated from Kerygma, a two-year scriptural program, and from Education For Ministry, a four-year program in the Swanee Theological School. The Haden Institute‘s two-year Spiritual Director’s program wrapped all of her studies and interests into the experience of a lifetime.

Mark S. Young is a native of Idaho, a graduate of Idaho State University, a community organizer, and a financial professional. For over 30 years, Mark has supported economic development on both local and state levels. Recently he completed his term as a member of the Idaho Department of Commerce Economic Advisory Council. He is currently a board member/past president of The City Club of Idaho Falls and a past president of the Idaho Falls Rotary and Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce. Mark played a vital role in the development of the Idaho State University and University of Idaho Higher Education Center (University Place) in Idaho Falls. Additionally, Mark served for six years as a lay member of the Idaho State Bar Association’s Professional Conduct Board. He has two sons, both veterans who served in Iraq: Steven is a general contractor in Montana, and Adam is involved in security at the Idaho National Laboratory.