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In The Spirit Of Africa
First & Final Wednesdays of Every Month at 7:30pm

"African music", this is what most people refer to when thinking of several unique genres of music from different parts of Africa. There is so much diversity and richness coming from all parts of Africa and this shows in it's music. Here on In The Spirit of Africa, we'll be listening to all these different styles, acknowledging their uniqueness and also their similarities. Join us on the first and final Wednesdays of every month, as we appreciate Northern, Central, Southern, Eastern and Western African music and musicians. Here on KISU FM 91.1

Latest Episodes
  • Join Joseph Chidiebere Emmanuel as he dives into music from some of the most prominent and influential Nigerian musicians with guest Adewale Simeon Adeyemi. Mr. Adeyemi is a prominent Nigerian musician, composer and educator. He is sponsored by Yamaha drums, Zildjian cymbals and Regal Tip drumsticks