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ISU Online Social Work Degrees: Building a Coalition of Social Workers Across the State of Idaho

Thomas Curtis

Dean Kandi Turley Ames talks with social work faculty member Dr. Darci Graves and MSW student Kiesha Ade about the online social work degree options offered through ISU.

In this episode of our podcast, we delve into a critical issue plaguing rural communities in the west: the shortage of social workers. We explore how Idaho State University (ISU) is making significant strides in addressing this pressing need by offering fully online Master of Social Work (MSW) and Bachelor of Social Work (BASW) programs.

Dr. Graves sheds light on the unique challenges faced by rural communities and the impact of the social worker shortage. Driven by the vision of making a difference in these underserved areas, ISU has strategically designed their online programs to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle the complex social issues prevalent in these communities.

We discuss the advantages of ISU's online MSW and BASW programs, which provide flexibility and accessibility to students across the state. By removing geographical barriers, ISU empowers individuals from rural areas to pursue a career in social work without having to relocate or sacrifice their current commitments. The fully online curriculum ensures that students receive high-quality education and comprehensive training, preparing them to effectively serve their communities.

For information, please contact Darci Graves directly at


Dr. Darci Graves, Master of Social Work Director, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program Director, Assistant Professor of Social Work

Kiesha Ade, MSW online student