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ISU Research, Innovation, and Creativity Insights

Welcome to ISU Research, Innovation and Creativity Insights, where we explore the transformative power of Idaho State University’s research and creative activities. We talk about cutting-edge research and innovation shaping the future of Idaho, the region and beyond. Join us as we engage with ISU’s leading scholars and inspiring students who are pushing the boundaries of knowledge and discovery. From breakthrough discoveries in science and technology to advancements in the arts and humanities, ISU Research, Innovation and Creativity Insights showcases the array of talent and expertise thriving at ISU. And, we always end with the question, “So What?” Our guests help us understand how their work makes a positive and lasting impact in our community and society.

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  • Keith Weber has been the Director of ISU’s GIS Training and Research Center for more than 25 years. Marty Blair and Keith Weber discuss the NASA RECOVER program, which provides real time information on wildfires across the United States and fire impact on landscape rehabilitation.