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Navigating Diversity with Ailie Maclean - “An Unexamined Life Isn’t Worth Living”

In this fun and light-hearted conversation, host Krystoff Kissoon sits down with guest, Ailie Maclean, ASISU Vice President-Elect for the 2021-2022 academic year and the newest co-host of KISU’s Sustainable Idaho.

Krystoff and Ailie delve into her experiences growing up in Alaska, seeing the Northern Lights and her father’s innate appreciation for the natural world, her Scottish-Russian-German-Norwegian ancestry, her dream of working internationally, and her goals for the incoming year in ASISU executive office.

Krystoff and Ailie then switch gears and tackle some of the Big Questions, such as the difference between spirituality and religion, how we view death, the afterlife and reincarnation, and the purpose of the human experience

Krystoff Kissoon began his academic career at Idaho State University in Spring 2014. He is an