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Navigating Diversity with Reinalyn Echon - “The Hidden Curriculum in Higher Education” Part 1

In this episode, host Krystoff Kissoon sits down with guest Reinalyn Echon to raise awareness about a discussion panel open to ISU students and faculty titled “The Hidden Curriculum in Higher Education” on April 1st, 2022 at 5 pm in the Sargent Family Boardroom/Snake River Room at ISU.

Krystoff and Reinalyn navigate some of the barriers that minority and underrepresented students face in higher education, and how the various programs offered by TRIO Student Support Services can help students overcome these barriers to be successful.

They discuss Reinalyn’s experiences growing up in an immigrant Filipino family in California, and the challenges of cultural alienation that students of color face in Southeastern Idaho. They then delve into some of the big questions, exploring the role of Catholicism and the significance of the supernatural from a Filipino perspective.

Krystoff Kissoon began his academic career at Idaho State University in Spring 2014. He is an