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Securing the Final Frontier: Cybersecurity Careers at Space Dynamics Lab

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In this captivating episode, Riley Stratton and Matthew Elliott welcome a distinguished cybersecurity professional from Space Dynamics Lab at Utah State University. As the conversation unfolds, listeners gain a deeper understanding of the vital role cybersecurity plays in the realm of space technology. The guest shares invaluable perspectives on securing products destined for space, shedding light on the intricacies of protecting critical infrastructure beyond our planet's bounds. This episode provides a compelling glimpse into the exciting world of space cybersecurity careers, offering aspiring professionals a roadmap for navigating this dynamic field. Whether you're a cybersecurity enthusiast or fascinated by space exploration, this episode promises to enlighten and inspire.


Mr. Clay Brown MBA; Current Information Systems Security Officer for Space Dynamics Laboratory at Utah State University, and recent Security Control Assessor at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center.

Riley Stratton - Cybersecurity Analyst at NIATEC - BYU-Idaho: Bachelors in Computer Science | Idaho State University: Master of Science in Computer Science; | CompTIA Security+ certified - - Elliott - Cybersecurity Analyst at NIATEC - BYU-Idaho: Bachelors in English Education | Idaho State University: Master in Business Administration; | CompTIA Security+ certified - -