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Episode 23: Famed hypnotist, Tim Shurr shares how his hypnotherapy method helps Veterans overcome PTSD and other life trauma.

Tim Shurr is one of the most successful mindset coaches in the world because of his uncanny ability to rapidly upgrade conscious beliefs and biases. Tim is also the author of One Belief Away which describes in a detailed way his revolutionary method. With advanced degrees in psychology and multiple certifications in hypnotism and neuro linguistic programming, Tim has facilitated thousands of coaching sessions and hundreds of group corporate training experiences over the last 34 years. Tim has been featured on television networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, and Ted talks. He's also the bestselling author of six books including the power of optimism, get out of your way, one belief away, the sales mastery course, prosperity mindset, and the awakening. Tim’s mission is to end needless emotional suffering by significantly increasing the self-awareness, influence, and transformative communication skills of company leaders so they, in turn, nurture and grow their people which has a strong positive generational impact. Tim believes Helping people love and respect themselves and others in a deeper way creates a more joyful, trusting world to live in. Find out more at

Dan Miller is using his Military Veteran benefits to complete a graduate program at Idaho State University. Dan served gallantly as a Navy Hospital Corpsman in the Fleet Marine Forces. After his honorable discharge, Dan found himself redefined as a Veteran who battled with PTSD, alcoholism, substance abuse, and addiction. Dan found strength in Recovery, enjoys a life worth living, and is pursuing his MBA in Project Management.