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Episode 35: Travis Johnson is a retired naval flight officer who shares his traumatic childhood raised by a bipolar parent.

Travis Johnson is a retired naval officer, successful veteran podcaster, and holds a master’s in human relations. His humble beginnings began as a child of a bipolar mother who had trouble parenting. Consequently, Travis was raised in 5 foster homes, endured 36 moves spanning 6 states and 12 schools before graduating high school, and survived 2 murder attempts. Although this was very rough, there was always an organization willing to keep him sheltered, clothed, and fed. Now that he's able to give back, Travis has made it his mission to help the helpers. Travis hosted the top ratednonprofit architect podcast as well as the 2021 veteran podcast awards and is the only professional podcaster with an accredited course available at the university level. Join Travis and I, as he shares how his resilience in the face of these challenges coupled with taking responsibility for his life forged the path he walks today. You can find out more about Travis and purchase his books by visiting

Dan Miller is using his Military Veteran benefits to complete a graduate program at Idaho State University. Dan served gallantly as a Navy Hospital Corpsman in the Fleet Marine Forces. After his honorable discharge, Dan found himself redefined as a Veteran who battled with PTSD, alcoholism, substance abuse, and addiction. Dan found strength in Recovery, enjoys a life worth living, and is pursuing his MBA in Project Management.