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Episode 41: Beth Conner is an Army veteran who is building a love centered leadership program.

I present to you Beth Conner, a name that resonates with mastery in the intricate art of communication. Beth's profound expertise in this domain is exemplified not only through her words but also by the extraordinary life she leads. As a mother of seven children, she has nurtured and guided young minds, imparting values and principles that form the bedrock of their character. Beth's journey is further enriched by her service as an Army veteran, an experience that honed her resilience and tenacity. Yet, it is in matters of love and leadership that Beth truly distinguishes herself. Her self-proclaimed expertise in these realms led her to develop the innovative Love Centered Life program, designed to enable individuals to love themselves authentically and, in turn, enhance their capacity to love and lead others. Beth passionately advocates that the alchemical combination of self-love and unwavering determination constitutes the essential recipe for achieving true success in life.

Dan Miller is using his Military Veteran benefits to complete a graduate program at Idaho State University. Dan served gallantly as a Navy Hospital Corpsman in the Fleet Marine Forces. After his honorable discharge, Dan found himself redefined as a Veteran who battled with PTSD, alcoholism, substance abuse, and addiction. Dan found strength in Recovery, enjoys a life worth living, and is pursuing his MBA in Project Management.