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Episode 52: Megan Sillito on discovering your genius and unlocking the power within

Megan Sillito is a holistic therapy practitioner with over three decades of experience who specializes in 14 diverse modalities, including Rapid Eye Therapy and Chi Qong. Megan is using her expertise to assist military veterans, entrepreneurs, and business executives in processing trauma and realizing their full potential. As a keynote speaker at events like RISE Sovereign and Yin on Fire, Megan is not only a helper and healer but also an energy channeling guru and friend to many. Tune in as we delve into her remarkable journey and insights. Megan's journey is a testament to her dedication and the profound impact she's had on numerous individuals. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from her vast experience and wisdom during our upcoming conversation.

Dan Miller is using his Military Veteran benefits to complete a graduate program at Idaho State University. Dan served gallantly as a Navy Hospital Corpsman in the Fleet Marine Forces. After his honorable discharge, Dan found himself redefined as a Veteran who battled with PTSD, alcoholism, substance abuse, and addiction. Dan found strength in Recovery, enjoys a life worth living, and is pursuing his MBA in Project Management.