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Episode 55: Richard Rudd, a teacher, mystic, and accomplished poet whose spiritual awakening at the age of 29 inspired his #1 bestselling book, 'The Gene Keys'.

In this episode, we are thrilled to welcome Richard Rudd, a teacher, mystic, and award-winning poet, whose life's journey took a profound turn when he experienced a spiritual awakening at 29, emerging from 'a field of limitless light' with the wisdom of the Gene Keys. Richard's life has been a fascinating journey that led him to explore the world, studying under Eastern mentors, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, and ultimately creating the Gene Keys after seven years of deep insights. Recognized as one of The 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People in 2019 by Watkins Magazine, Richard remains a dedicated student and teacher of this transformative wisdom. Join us as we delve into Richard's remarkable journey and the power of the Gene Keys in this enlightening episode. Learn more about the Gene Keys by visiting:

Dan Miller is using his Military Veteran benefits to complete a graduate program at Idaho State University. Dan served gallantly as a Navy Hospital Corpsman in the Fleet Marine Forces. After his honorable discharge, Dan found himself redefined as a Veteran who battled with PTSD, alcoholism, substance abuse, and addiction. Dan found strength in Recovery, enjoys a life worth living, and is pursuing his MBA in Project Management.