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Pathways: A Career Podcast from the Idaho State University Career Center
Second Wednesday of Every Month

On Pathways, Career Center Advisor Mark Beaver sits down for conversations with ISU employees and alumni about their profession and path they took to find themselves here. Informative, entertaining, and inspiring, Pathways is a great listen for the college student just beginning the career process, the mid-career professional considering a change, or those about to retire reflecting on their own journey. For guidance on your own journey, visit the ISU Career Center website at:

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Latest Episodes
  • Ben Crosby is a Professor and Chair for the Geosciences department at Idaho State University. In today’s episode Ben talks about the importance of incorporating personal values and balance into career choices. As well as a slap in the face that changed his trajectory.
  • Karen Homstad is the Associate Director of Campus Recreation at Idaho State University. Karen is currently in her “dream job”. However, she worked a number of years in part-time and short term jobs on her way to this point. Though many of those jobs had little to do with her current position, she found something out about herself at each step along the way that ultimately prepared her to get to where she is today.
  • Leif Tapanila is a Professor of Geosciences at Idaho State University and the Director of the Idaho Natural History Museum. In today's episode we talk about what it means to be a Paleontologist and how Leif followed his various interests and passions to find his profession.
  • Maurice Pittman is a Counselor and Advisor for TRiO Student Support Services at Idaho State University. Maurice’s path was filled with roadblocks and barriers. However, through an abundance of grit and resilience, he overcame adversity to reach the point he is at today.
  • Chris Burger is the Engine Captain for the Idaho Falls District Bureau of Land Management wildland firefighting module. In today’s episode Chris talks about how he started down his path chasing excitement and honest work, only to return to his education down the road as he realized it was the best way to advance in his profession.
  • Ryan Sargent is the Executive Director of Alumni Relations and Advancement Communications at Idaho State University. Ryan had a pretty clear vision for his career from a fairly early age and stayed true to the course. However, it was the skills he gained through extracurriculars and a deep connection to ISU that allowed him to pivot from a full time law career to his current position. For more information about your career path, visit the ISU Career Center website at: Fresh Prints
  • Karl Geisler is an Associate Professor of Economics in the College of Business at Idaho State University. In today's episode, we talk about what it means to be a professor at a university, as well as Karl's journey to that position.