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Finding Beauty in the Unexpected

On today’s episode, Emily Jahsman interviews Sunshine Denney, manager of Idaho State University’s greenhouse and Lab Material Supervisor for Idaho State University’s Biological Sciences Department.

Sunshine let her love of plants and being outdoors lead her to a wide variety of ecosystems, ranging from rugged mountains to corporate headquarters to arid mesa tops. These experiences allowed her to get a wide variety of experiences which ultimately led her to returning “home” to Idaho where she is now able to truly appreciate her job as caretaker of ISU’s plants.

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Emily Jahsman is the Associate Director of the Idaho State University Career Center. A self proclaimed multipotentialite, Emily's professional journey has taken her from for-profit to non-profit to higher ed where she currently enjoys her time. Emily's intrepid spirit has led her across the globe including a five year stopover in Australia, treks through numerous jungles, and forays into farming. If you know someone who would be a great guest, or are interested in appearing on Pathways yourself, email: <a label="" class="rte2-style-brightspot-core-link-LinkRichTextElement" href=""></a><br/><br/>Former Host: Mark Beaver is a Career Advisor in Experiential Learning for the Idaho State University Career Center. An ever curious mind has led Mark down quite the path himself, holding jobs with the service industry, the outdoor sector, secondary education, environmental non-profits, and state and federal agencies, with forays into entrepreneurship and now higher education and radio.