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Pharmacy Fusion Speaks with Operation Immunization national award winners

Students at colleges of pharmacy across the country participate in a variety of patient care outreach activities including immunizations for both influenza and COVID-19, diabetes education and screening, heart health education and screening, women’s health education and more. This year they received the Operation Immunization Region 7 Award, serving over 12,000 patients in 2019-2020, with over 161,000 outreach hours.

Chairpersons from each College of Pharmacy campus location, Elise Capson from Meridian, ID, Hannah Galbreth from Pocatello, ID and Liv Swonger from Anchorage, AK

Walter L. Fitzgerald, Jr. serves as Dean of the College of Pharmacy, and Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences, at Idaho State University. He received the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy in 1979 from Mercer University School of Pharmacy in Atlanta. In 1982 he received the Master of Science in Pharmacy Administration from the University of Tennessee, College of Graduate Health Sciences, in Memphis. And in 1983 he received the Juris Doctor degree from the University of Memphis, School of Law.