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Pharmacy Fusion Discusses how Idaho Immunization Coalition and ISU College of Pharmacy are Improving Health for Idahoans

Heather Gagliano from the Idaho Immunization Coalition discusses all of the ways Idaho State University College of Pharmacy students and faculty help the coalition meet their mission of immunizing Idaho and what’s on the horizon for the two organizations.

The recipe for a healthy lifestyle often includes eating healthy, perhaps changing your diet, adding or increasing exercise and paying attention to your sleep habits.

Some of these can be difficult changes to make on the road to a healthier life, so what if there was an easy way to avoid some of the deadly diseases out there and remain healthy?

The answer is: there is. Immunizations!

Walter L. Fitzgerald, Jr. serves as Dean of the College of Pharmacy, and Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences, at Idaho State University. He received the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy in 1979 from Mercer University School of Pharmacy in Atlanta. In 1982 he received the Master of Science in Pharmacy Administration from the University of Tennessee, College of Graduate Health Sciences, in Memphis. And in 1983 he received the Juris Doctor degree from the University of Memphis, School of Law.