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Sales Talk: December episode with John Ney and Dr. Haley Hardman

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The December episode of Sales Talk features Dr. Haley Hardman and guest. Dr. Hardman is an ISU College of Business marketing professor. She will co-host Sales Talk with John Ney in 2024!

Dr. Haley Hardman

Before pursuing her Ph.D., Haley worked in contrasting retail environments. She experienced the fast-paced setting of Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City (popularized by TLC's Say Yes to the Dress) and the more leisurely setting of a small boutique in Mississippi. Her interest in the relational aspect of marketing motivates her research. She particularly enjoys the psychology behind effective relationship building and hopes to garner a deeper understanding of the role it plays in retail strategy and branding. Haley collaborates with prominent brands, such as Anthropologie, Free People, Urban Outfitters, Zox, and Barnes & Noble among others. She also enjoys teaching and strives to create a fun learning environment.

John Ney is the Executive Director of the Walter P. Brown Center for Sales Excellence in the ISU College of Business and Dr. Haley Hardman is a PHD at Idaho State University College of Business