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Until Next Time, Friends

In their final installment of this light-hearted summer series, Elle and Henry come to an agreement on the definition of "sanging."

With upbeat grooves from Bonnie Raitt and outstanding anthems from Sam Cooke, Yola, and Jennifer Hudson, this episode packs a whole lot of soul in thirty minutes. There's no doubt about it, music at it's very core is meant to bring us together, and this show proves that. We here at KISU as well as Elle and Henry, hope you have enjoyed tuning in to this program! Until next time, friends; and remember: "Sanging is a state of mind."

I have been a lifelong lover of music and have had a 40 year love for reggae since I first heard the Bob Marley song Reggae on Broadway as a teenager and find it to be informative, inspirational and transformative. I am a native of Pocatello, and an alum and a former member of the ISU Track and Field Team. In my other life, I work in the Office of Equity and Inclusion and serve as an adjunct for ISU’s Political Science and Sociology departments.
Elle Mann is one of the co-hosts of KISU’s summer series “Sang Your Face Off.” Every week, Elle puts together the playlists for the show, so she and her co-host Dr. Henry Evans can debate the quality of the songs. She also is on a quest to figure out what Henry means when he says a song is “sang.” Elle is an alumni of Idaho State University and currently resides in Pocatello, Idaho.