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Sustainable Idaho: Pesticides and Pollinators with Bowman Farms

Zac Durant

Continuing on our previous episode on bees and the effects of pesticides on pollinators at large, this week we interviewed Matt Bowman of Bowman Farms on his relationship with Idaho’s pollinators, and the effects of pesticides on local farming operations as well as the insects that help them thrive.

Roughly one-third of the food we consume is reliant upon bee pollination. According to the USDA, this number expands to 3/4 of the earth's flowering plants and 35 percent of food crops when all pollinators are taken into account. We spoke with Mr. Bowman about the essential nature of these pollinators to his farm alongside his soil quality, concern regarding decreasing number of bees, and many more crucial topics centered on pesticides and herbicides.

If you’d like to learn more about pollinators and their health, Sustainable Idaho encourages listeners to visit The Bee Conservancy to find opportunities to help pollinators both locally and internationally.

Katie Kelshaw is a graduate of Boise State University with a Masters of Arts in Political Science where she has since taught as an adjunct professor. She is born and raised in Pocatello, where her family are farmers and business owners. Katie is an active member in an advocacy organization called Action Corps Idaho, where she helps run campaigns around Climate Justice and a Global COVID Response.