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Sustainable Idaho: IPCC Report

Peter Burdon

This week on Sustainable Idaho we interviewed Dr. Glen Thackray, a professor of geosciences at Idaho State University and he spoke with us about the IPCC report. The IPCC or Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is an international scientific body created in 1988 with the express purpose of providing policymakers across the globe with an assessment on the scientific basis of climate change and its effects on the environment and economies Their most recent assessment was published on February 28th of this year and we asked Dr. Thackray to break the report down.

Brianna is an undergraduate at Idaho State University who is currently pursuing a degree in communications with an emphasis in journalism with hopes of becoming an independent journalist. Her interest in sustainability stems from a love of nature and innovations. Her favorite topics in sustainability are agriculture and infrastructure.
Avery Frazier is an undergraduate student at Idaho State University and is currently pursuing a degree in clinical psychology with the hopes to obtain advanced degrees in the field. Her passion for sustainability stems from her earliest years, most of which were spent in the mountains of Idaho with her father. Her favorite topics in sustainability include clean energy, environmental cleanup, and low-waste practices.