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Sustainable Idaho: Net-Zero Episode with Jhansi Kandasmy

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This week as a continuation of our collaboration with Idaho National Laboratory or INL we interviewed Jhansi Kandasamy, their newly appointed net-zero executive program director a woman who was previously the VP of engineering at G Hitachi and has more than twenty years of experience in the nuclear industry under her belt, to get her insight on INL’s net-zero initiative.

Brianna is an undergraduate at Idaho State University who is currently pursuing a degree in communications with an emphasis in journalism with hopes of becoming an independent journalist. Her interest in sustainability stems from a love of nature and innovations. Her favorite topics in sustainability are agriculture and infrastructure.
Avery Frazier is an undergraduate student at Idaho State University and is currently pursuing a degree in clinical psychology with the hopes to obtain advanced degrees in the field. Her passion for sustainability stems from her earliest years, most of which were spent in the mountains of Idaho with her father. Her favorite topics in sustainability include clean energy, environmental cleanup, and low-waste practices.