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Unpacking the Stibnite Mine Project - Part II: Some Probable Environmental Impacts

Perpetua Mining Company has proposed to reopen a mining site near McCall Idaho to mine gold, silver, and - to some degree - antimony. This has caught the attention of organizations worried about the impacts of the proposed mine on Idaho. In the second episode of the series, Mary Farout Petterson, a board member for the Idaho Conservation League, speaks on the matter.

The proposed Stibnite Mine is a huge proposed project. The affected area includes approximately 7 square miles of public land. The mine is mostly in the Payette National Forest, at the headwaters and the East Fork and the South Fork of the Salmon River. Three fish in this vital river, Chinook salmon, Steelhead, and Bull trout on the endangered species list. The mine will impact this river by degrading water quality and causing death to these endangered species. This is only one of the many potentially devastating environmental impacts of the project.

To learn more about the mine’s probable impact on Idaho’s fish, rivers, and land, head over to Idaho Rivers United Stibnite Goldmine page:

Here, you can find an archive of all the letters already submitted:

One way to read about the mine and get a deeper understanding of just what the project entails is through the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Though an incredibly long and complex document, the executive summary allows the common reader to glean understanding of what Perpetua plans to do with our public land.

You can find the EIS by following this link:

Other resources (look out for these topics being discussed in later episodes!): 

Be A Voice for Idaho’s Rivers & Wild Fish: Idaho Rivers United River Rat series on the Stibnite Mine:

Idaho Conservation League’s Stop Stibnite series:

*Idaho Headwaters are Simply too Valuable and Vulnerable to Risk. Local grassroots organization, Save the South Fork Salmon:

December 19, 2022: “Department of Defense Issues $24.8M Critical Minerals Award to Perpetual Resources”:

Information on the Mining Act of 1872:,open%20to%20exploration%20and%20purchase.

(An easier read about the General Mining Act of 1872, but shh, don’t tell:

Idaho Rivers United on the Mining Act of 1872 (news article from 2021):

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Jessa is in her final year of her undergraduate career, pursuing three majors: English with Creative Writing, History, and Global Studies with an emphasis in French Language and Literature. She is a published author through ISU's Black Rock & Sage literary magazine and hopes to join the Sustainability Club at ISU. Her sustainability journey began with her year abroad when she interned for Letters to the Earth, an organization dedicated to environmental sustainability. She hopes to work for Amnesty International until she can write books in the mountains full time.