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Pocatello Trails and Mountain Biking

In this episode, Bruce Olneck gives a deep-dive into the mountain biking scene on the Pocatello trails, and the importance of using the right trails whether you are walking, riding a bike, walking your pet, or more!

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The greater Pocatello area encompasses about a thousand miles of trails. It’s well beloved by locals and visitors alike. But these trails take a lot of love and maintenance to keep them open and available to the public without degrading our environment. In this episode, Jessa and Emma talk to a longtime Pocatello resident, retired regional administrator for the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, and avid mountain biker and outdoor enthusiast. He walks the SI hosts through the history of Pocatello trails and how the growing sport of mountain biking has affected Pocatello trials, for good and bad.

If you’re new to Pocatello or weren't aware of our beautiful trail system, see below for more information!

Visit Pocatello:

Best Mountain Biking Trails in Pocatello:

Some information about trail management:

A list of Pocatello trails:

Sterling Justice Trail:

A 2020 blog from ISU graduate student Austin Terry:

Jessa is in her final year of her undergraduate career, pursuing three majors: English with Creative Writing, History, and Global Studies with an emphasis in French Language and Literature. She is a published author through ISU's Black Rock & Sage literary magazine and hopes to join the Sustainability Club at ISU. Her sustainability journey began with her year abroad when she interned for Letters to the Earth, an organization dedicated to environmental sustainability. She hopes to work for Amnesty International until she can write books in the mountains full time.