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Idaho’s Watershed Guardians

Jessa and Emma sit down with Mike Settell from Watershed Guardians to gain an understanding of this unique Idaho organization.

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From the Watershed Guardians’ “About Us” section of their website (linked below!): “Watershed Guardians was formed in 2013 with the help of TogetherGreen, a private corporate and non-profit collaborative between Toyota Motor Corporation, the National Audubon Society and the North American Native Research and Education Foundation. Its purpose is to ensure that remaining beaver within the Portneuf River Watershed and Southeast Idaho remain and that they are restored to their historic range.”

The Watershed Guardians conducts yearly beaver counts to record Idaho beaver population, offers nonlethal mitigation and other non-harmful resources for humans to eliminate beaver problems, as well as education initiatives to help the struggling beaver population throughout Southeast Idaho, and particularly the Portneuf Valley Watershed.

We’re with Mike Settell again this week as he walks us through the Watershed Guardians and their goals, visions, and actions.

Further resources! 

Portneuf Resource Council’s new website:

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More about the American Beaver from Idaho State Fish and Game:

A fun read about Idaho’s 1948 Beaver Drop - where we parachuted beaver into the backcountry:

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