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Dr. Leung and Green and Sustainable Engineering Pt. 1

Dr. Solomon Leung of the Civil and environmental Engineering program at ISU discusses topics related to how engineering and environmental consciousness interact. Two-part series.

This will be a two-part series, with this first episode focusing on the history and subjects covered by Dr. Leung’s Green and Sustainable Engineering course and what it has to offer ISU students interested in the field.

This interview consisted of several references to this program of study, as well as Dr. Leung’s history with working on topics under the banner of ecological development and sustainability, how these topics coincide with engineering and science, and Dr. Leung’s own ambitions and ideas for how Idahoans can integrate these ideas into our own lives and surroundings.

For any listeners interested in ISU’s Green and Sustainable Engineering course, or are simply curious about the research and work conducted by Dr. Leung and this program, you can find additional details on the Civil and Environmental Engineering program page at .

Jodie and Nathan are the hosts of Sustainable Idaho for 2023.