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The Sagebrush Steppe is Diminishing in Idaho

Nathan Gregson is joined by Matt Lucia, the Executive Director of Sagebrush Steppe Land Trust located in Pocatello, to discuss the diminishing sagebrush steppe landscape.

They discuss The Sagebrush Steppe Land Trust, how the “Sagebrush Sea” is vanishing in Idaho, and how this adversely affects us as Idaho residents. It’s a benefit to us all to keep the sagebrush ecosystem healthy with sustainability efforts to reduce the spread of wildfires in the plains throughout Idaho and keep the wildlife that live there healthy. If we don't, farmers and people in Idaho’s cities will suffer the consequences posed by the loss of the sagebrush ecosystem. For more information on the Sagebrush Steppe Land Trust visit For more information on Sustainable Idaho go to

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Nathan Gregson is one of 2 Sustainable Idaho hosts for 2023-2024. He is a current student at ISU in the college of Business with a minor in music and is the drummer for the ISU Jazz band. In his down time Nathan loves to spend time outside doing activities such as hiking and camping. In doing this radio show Nathan is able to express his love for nature and help the community take better care of it. His life goal is to run his own private Drum and Piano lessons in Denver, Colorado.