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What is Mental Health and How do I Know if I have a Mental Health Problem?

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Psychologists Cameron Staley and Jennifer Miesch discuss aspects of mental health and how to know when you are experiencing a mental health problem.

It can be challenging to define aspects of good mental health and to know when you may be experiencing a mental health problem beyond the day to day struggles we all experience.

Cameron and Jen highlight aspects of good mental health which include experiencing a full range of emotions, maintaining healthy relationships, being present, pursuing your values, and maintaining balance. They share tips on caring for mental health in similar ways to our physical health through consistent sleep, eating well, exercise, education, and receiving care from professionals. 

You may be experiencing a mental health problem if the duration and severity of your symptoms are disrupting your life by exceeding your coping ability. Mental health diagnoses are temporary labels intended to guide treatment. A new national crisis line is avaialble by dialing 988 if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts.

To learn more about counseling services for currently enrolled ISU students or general mental health resources, visit the ISU’s Counseling and Testing Service website.