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Gone Fishing

Tichnor Brothers Collection
Boston Public Library

Fishing is the name of the game today as we cast a line with Fibber McGee and Molly, Archie Andrews, and another one of our old friends that seem to show up at the strangest times.

Brother of Maclane, Jake is a cultural hobbyist and curator of pre-1960s publications, radio and various ephemera. His collection of outdated media formats takes up a considerable amount of space and is frankly beginning to become a nuisance. A man can only own so many reel-to-reel machines before he needs to look into a storage locker.
A communications student here at Idaho State University, Maclane has had a lifelong interest in radio. From listening to old time radio of decades past, to the modern commercial sports talk, country, or top 40 stations, the small town community stations, and now getting involved in public radio, Mac knows there's plenty to appreciate and learn about.