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ISU Onstage with Black Rock & Sage

Welcome to "ISU Onstage", a brand new radio show that highlights the wealth of talent right here on our campus! Each week, KISU is proud to present recorded music, theatre, and other exciting collaborations performed by ISU students and faculty. For this episode, we will be listening to recordings of music, poetry, and short stories from the 2020 edition of Black Rock and Sage.




Black Rock & Sage is a journal of creative works published annually through the Department of English and Philosophy of Idaho State University with assistance from the Art and Music Departments. Our journal features only the work of ISU graduate and undergraduate students. The journal is edited and produced by Dr. Susan Goslee, professor of English, with contributions from professors in Art, Theatre, Dance, and Music.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, Dr. Goslee and her team had to radically rethink the journal as classes went online with the advent of the COVID-19 virus. Dr. Goslee and Professor Jonathan Armstrong, the music coordinator for Black Rock and Sage, discuss how they adapted to keep the journal running in it’s 18th year.


  1. “Japan in the Spring” composed and performed by Kadee Calister

  2. “Hip Bones” written and read by Braeden Udy

  3. “Leiderkreis Op, 39 5. Moondnact” composed by Robert Schumann, performed by Nicholas Cravens and Gabe Lowman

  4. “Your Color is Red” written and read by Breck Dalley

  5. “Myrtlewood and Seaglass” composed by KayLynn Hammond, performed by the ISU Big Band

  6. “The Starship” written and read by Kathryn Wilson

  7. “Rikai” composed by Adam Cuthbert, performed by Shawn McClain

  8. “Hand-me-downs” written and read by Jules Churba-Pyzer

  9. “Despite My Pride” composed and performed by Dimitri Nelson, Jazz-Lynn Grant, and Joseph Emmanuel

  10. “You Are on the Fastest Route” written and read by Reigh Downs

Jamon Anderson has served with KISU FM since 2003 in many capacities including show-host, newscaster, announcer, board operator, production specialist, engineering assistant, automation and programs manager. He is currently KISU's General Manager.