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Navigating Diversity with Dr. Olivia Ngadjui - "Color at the Center" (Two Part Special)

Recorded in February in recognition of Black History Month, host Krystoff Kissoon sits down with guest, Dr. Olivia Ngadjui, rising counseling educator and cross-cultural relations enthusiast, to reflect on her journey from growing up in Washington, D.C.  in "a mecca of black power" to becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) committed to serving communities in need. 

Part 2

In Part 1, Kissoon and Dr. Ngadjui unpack her childhood growing up in a diverse community where she was covered in mentorship and color was at the center of everyday life. They navigate various isses such as code-switching, cultural exchange as a two-way process, the complexities of having multiple "homes", the meaning of Black History Month, debunking Eurocentrism, the power of narratives and the oral tradition, and the importance of knowing one's story and ancestors.

In Part 2, Kissoon and Dr. Ngadjui delve into some lessons they have learned from the pandemic, including self-love and gratitude, how we can become more self-sufficient in caring for our needs, and how we have adapted technology to create a new intergenerational model for social relationships. They also explore a range of spiritual topics including mindfulness, self-awareness and staying present, the direct bridge between our physical and emotional states, and how we can work to align our daily lives with our higher purpose.