Constitutional Conversations Recorded Audio

Jun 18, 2018

Lectures are held at the Trinity Methodist Church, 237 N. Water Ave., Idaho Falls. The entire series schedule is below.

April 4th -   Parkland and Citizen Protests: The First Amendment and the Right to Vote

April 11th -   The 2nd Amendment:  Sorting Out Facts, Myths and History

April 18th -   Mueller, Mayhem and Mid-Term Elections

April 25th -  Equal Rights for All: 150th Anniversary of the 14th Amendment

Listen to Constitutional Conversations with Dr David Gray Adler on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00pm. *The program will air the third Monday during the month of May to make room for our Idaho Republican Gubernatorial candidates forum rebroadcast on May 14th, just one day before the primaries.

Audio for KISU broadcasts comes from Constitutional Conversations events scheduled throughout the year.

January 24:     “Alturas at the Movies: ‘The Post,’ the Pentagon Papers and Freedom of the Press.

January 30:   “The Constitution and the State of the Union.”  Join us to watch President Trump’s address, followed by Adler’s commentary on constitutional issues and Q & A.

February 6:     “The Separation of Church and State: Constitutional Origins and Controversies.”

February 13:   “ A Valentine’s Special: The Constitution, Love and Marriage: Privacy, Interracial Marriage, Same Sex Marriage and Polygamy.”

February 20:  “Congress v. the President:  Investigations, Executive Privilege and Impeachment.”