Oct 4, 2018

During much of the month of October, KISU FM 91 reaches out to our listeners and those who visit our website, asking for assistance in providing funds needed to keep the program you love on the air.  Being a non-profit radio station we need your help.

Unlike gas for your car, heat for your home or most anything else you consume, KISU FM 91 will be here even if you don’t make a financial contribution today.  With everything else you have to pay for it’s easy to decide not to give money to KISU FM 91.  That’s the easy decision, not to give...

But we’re asking you to look beyond the easy decision.  Consider how much KISU FM 91 adds to your life while you’re listening at home, work, and in your car.  Then consider making the choice to give, even if it’s just a little bit -- because all listener support, large and small, keeps KISU FM 91 on the air. 

Making the choice to give is as easy as making the choice not to give.  Just pick an affordable amount and think about how much you’re going to get back from listening to KISU FM 91 and how good it’s going to feel knowing you made a positive contribution to your own life and to the life of your community. 

Give online at our secure website at ...

(click on the Orange Donation box on the home page),

or call 208-282-5939. 

Idaho residents, take advantage of the Idaho Education Tax Credit

Thanks for your support!